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About Nubilosa


Foundation: the 29th December 1923 (see old registration by law) during difficult times of inflation with a base capital of Reichsmark, later 5000 Goldmarks, in Meißen, Sachsen, Germany.

Founder: Dipl.Ing. Karl Ladisch

Legal form: limited partnership, 100 % family posession, third generation

Company sign: because of the foundation in Meißen, which is famous for its Meißen china and for its dragondesign, a dragonlike sign  with a spray from the throat.

First products: atomizing nozzle, spraydryer, apparatus to take out vertilizers and plant protectives, immersion burner

Customers: in the beginning the strong growing chemical industry, today we deliver spraydryers and nozzles in every branch, i.e. pharmacy, industrial ceramic, food, environmental application, research and development

Today: worldwide delivery of spraydryers, fluidized bed dryers and nozzles.

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